Hello 2017

It’s 2017 y’all! And with that a new adventure for me begins. I’m so excited for this new platform and all the new and different content that I will be sharing, in contrast with my former blog. Now to kick this new blog off, let’s talk new year resolutions.

Every year I make a list of the things I want to accomplish by the end of the year. I divide it into two categories: spiritual and physical, and usually have around 4-5 things in each category that I add. Over the years I have found myself adding the same things to my list of resolutions in hopes of actually succeeding this year (i.e. drink more water).

So with that said, I’ve thought about the things that I want to fulfill this year, and here’s a small snippet of what they are and why this is important to me.

  • Get back in shape- This is going to be a hard one. I know it only because for the past three months I’ve been trying to workout and it just doesn’t happen. I’m still about 15-20 lbs. (depends what scale I ask lol) above my pre-pregnancy weight and I would really love to fit into my ripped comfy boyfriend jeans this summer, plus I have a bridesmaid dress I HAVE to fit in by May.
  • Read more books- Oh my, for the avid book reader that I claim to be, I did not do so well last year. I believe I only read a total of 4 books the whole year! SAY WHAT!!! My goal is to read three books a month. This gives me about a week and a couple days to read a book.

As a family we also set some goals, well mainly my husband, on things we want to do this year around the house. Setting goals and striving to reach them is a good way to motivate yourself to do something meaningful each year. What are some goals or new year resolutions you guys have?

“Write it in your heart that every day is the best day in the year.”-Ralph Waldo Emerson


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