Tales of A Picky Eater

God blessed me with kids who are virtually opposites when it comes to eating. Eden will eat mostly anything under the sun. Pigs feet, yep she’s tried them and loves them. Beef tongue tacos, devours them. Chicken gizzards, pops them right in her mouth with no problem.

Then we have Enoch who gags at the mere site of his baby brother eating puréed foods. Give him a slice or two of pizza and he’s the happiest kid on earth. Spaghetti, hamburgers, hot dogs, anything from a restaurant that doesn’t include chicken he’ll have a go at it. I wish he would eat green beans, potatoes, tomatoes (he actually loves tomatoes), chicken, turkeys, you name it (lol I love that meme). But he doesn’t, so at every dinner time it’s a struggle to get him to eat what I’ve made. Now I’m no Rick Bayless or Marcela Valladolid, but I can hold my own, and my husband would agree. So I don’t think it’s for lack of food and diversity in the meals I make that keeps his appetite at bay. He’s just a really picky eater. Like extremely picky.

He’s been in this stage since he was about 2 1/2 years old. “He’ll grow out of it” they said, but I see him growing more into it. One thing they’re both into tho is snacks. If I don’t hear “can I have a snack?” 50 times in a day it’s a miracle. Snacks, snacks, snacks, they drive me crazy, but if it’ll make Enoch eat than I’m all for it. We usually compromise with him by telling him that he has to take a few bites of his dinner in order to eat dessert, if not then he gets none. So Eden will be enjoying a bowl of ice cream while Enoch just stares at her, still unwilling to eat his dinner.

I’ve brought this issue up with his pediatrician, but she says that his weight is perfect for his age and so is his height. She always tells me that it’s just a stage. And maybe it is, but what mother doesn’t want their child to eat a well balanced meal and not complain of headaches every single day?

When we realized that Enoch wasn’t eating all his dinner and was basically depending on the snacks, we changed what we bought him. We tossed out the Cheez-It’s, cupcake flavored gold fishes, the crackers, anything that was basically empty carbs and switched it for only natural fruit snacks. Which they both love.

Momma’s, any ideas on how to get a picky eater to eat more? Is this really a stage? Please someone tell me what to do!!!


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