My Self-Care Routine

So I have a confession to make. I haven’t always been the nicest to myself. I have set aside many of the things that I loved doing for the sake of my children. Because let’s be honest, when you’re a mom you don’t have all the time in the world to sit in silence, talk to God, read a book, get your nails done and zip on green tea undisturbed. Or do you?

Guess what? I made time for me. I guess it comes with age, the whole learning to love yourself and take care of yourself thing. Now that I’m 30 I think so much about my future and what I want it to look like and part of that is me being healthy and taking time for myself.

We’re made up of body, soul, and spirit and it’s so important to take care of each of those areas in our lives. So early in the morning and late in the evening…that’s “me time”. When the kids are still asleep or falling asleep, I take time for myself. Sometimes that means that the piles of laundry can wait. Momma bear needs some TLC.

So here’s some of the things that I have started doing for myself:

Silence. My alarm goes off and it’s just me and God. The world can wait. It’s updates and notifications can wait. The news can wait. I need Jesus first thing first. And this isn’t to make myself sound holier than thou…this is just me, a flawed human being who NEEDS God’s grace and mercy to get me through the day.

Exercise. Because of the way my day is layed out it’s very hard for me to make it to the gym, so I began working out at home. There’s so many home workout programs to choose from and this time around I chose to partake of the Nike Training Club’s workout plans. I began in May and since then I have lost almost 10 lbs! Yes, there’s days I don’t want to workout at all, but that awesome feeling I get at the end of a good sweaty workout is too good to pass up.

Journaling. I have always loved to journal. My husband swears I’m a journal hoarder and addict, and maybe he’s right, but I love to write down what is going on in my life and how I’m feeling at the moment. Sometimes I’ll go back and read entries from five-six years ago and I’m encouraged by the way God worked things out or I’ll laugh and thank God I’m definitely not where I used to be.

Journaling is such a therapeutic activity. When my heart is heavy and I just need to sort all the mess in my mind out, I love to journal and lay it all before God. There’s always a sense of relief afterwards.

Read. I have always loved to read. Ever since I was a little girl in elementary school that was one of the things that I enjoyed so much. I still have some of the awards for reading the most books in my class. With that said, reading now is a luxury for me. With three kids running around and constantly demanding something from me, it’s very hard for me to find the time to sit down and just read without interruptions.

I set my alarm for half an hour earlier and after I have my devotional/prayer time I   set my timer for 30 minutes, grab the book I’m currently reading and I begin to read   until the timer goes off. I do the same at night when I’m about to go to bed. By the       end of the day I will have read at least an hour (some days I’m lucky and I can read     while the little one naps and the oldest two play).

Pamper My-Self Night. I’m not the type to go spend $100 on facials, back rubs, and pedicures, but I do like taking care of my skin and nails so every Friday or Saturday night I have a little TLC night. I deep condition my hair, apply a facial mask, and do my nails while I catch up on Joanna and Chip fixing up a house. It’s nothing fancy, but it does make me feel like a million bucks afterwards. Sometimes it’s just the simple things in life like getting that chipped nail polish off lol.

These are just a few of the things that I have started doing this year for myself. There are days that life happens and I’m unable to read or workout or zip some tea, but I strive to make it a habit to do at least one act of self-care a day. I know I might get annoying with my whole “take care of yourself mom” mantra I keep talking about, but I seriously cannot stress enough how important it is to take care of yourself. You are important. You matter. Your desires and dreams still have value. Take care of yourself. There’s only one you and you deserve to be taken care of too. So do the things you love. Make the time for yourself. It can be done. ♥



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